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Ninmu Recommendations
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Naruto Fanfiction Recommendations
Ninmu Recommendations

This is Prettypriestess & Kearin's Naruto fan fiction recommendation community. This is not an archive of Naruto fan fiction, these are just fics we have come across and loved. Some may be popular and recommended all over the internet, and some are more obscure and little-known gems of fiction. These are the fics that we've liked and want to share. There's a little bit of everything and that's pretty much what you'll find here.

Kearin's Quick F.A.Q. on what you will not find recommended here from her:
Itachi/Sasuke or Sandcest: I don't like it, I don't read it, so there's none recommended here.
"Correct" Pairing Order: I don't care who is/isn't seme/uke. Sorry. I post the pairings randomly, usually in alphabetical order.

Important! Please note that this community contains recommendations to yaoi and yuri works as well as het, threesomes, and gen fics. We try to make sure each work of fiction is labeled correctly, however mistakes do happen, fair warning.

All recommendations are sorted by tags with pairings, and a few are listed by favorites.

favorite Favorites also have this sprite by the fic's title. Please don't steal any sprites/pixels used here. They were all made by Kearin.

The master list can be found here.


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