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Ninmu Recommendations
11th-Apr-2010 11:20 pm
DOGS - Naoto
Fic: got a boy in the war, by Lisse.
Warnings: None. Isn't that a weird feeling? No warnings.
Pairings: Kushina/Minato
Rating: K+
Story Status: Complete.
Rant/Explanation: I don't usually read stories about anyone who isn't Team 7, because I have enough love for them without trying to broaden my horizons to the whole effing cast, which is pretty monstrous, especially if we include the dead people, of which there are a lot.

But, I saw this on someone's favorites, and I just finished a thing about Jiraiya and Naruto during the time that canon skipped, so I thought, what the hell, it's a side-character kind of day.

I also spent about half the week bitching about not seeing Minato in fic that wasn't Kakashi-centric (and I love Kakashi, but he is not really my favorite) and how I don't think I've seen Kushina anywhere, at all, besides the passing mention of her name, so this was a really, really nice thing to see.

I'm also usually pretty wary when it comes to fics about the dead characters, the Fourth, especially, since so much of what we knew in fanon (which was pretty much nothing except he looked like Naruto) got horribly, horribly jossed at Kushina's introduction, and at the same time, I'm almost afraid to click anything Kushina-related because I'm afraid she'll be too much like Naruto, or even worse, not enough like Naruto, and I'm still at a loss of what to think of Minato, but I think I'm totally accepting this whole fic as personal head canon, because it just feels so much like how they should be.

TL;DR This is the best fic about Minato pulling Kushina's hair, and Kushina having a fixation with names that you will ever read, and you should definitely read it. Canon gives all of approxiamately two pages to base the characterization of these two characters on, and Lisse nails it.
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