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Ninmu Recommendations
11th-Apr-2010 11:01 pm
DOGS - Naoto
First fic at the comm. >.> (A bit late. /fail.)

Fic: Some Odd Convictions, by shoutgraffiti.
Warnings: None.
Pairings: Tsunade/Jiraiya (onesided?), it's really more about Naruto, though.
Rating: G.
Story Status: Complete.
Rant/Explanation: This fic is really--pretty (no, pretty's not quite the right word, something a little sharper, pretty like broken glass while you have no shoes, or pretty like the little pieces of your favorite ceramic decoration shattered on the floor). It kind of hurts, and it's definite Naruto angst, but not in a way that seems misplaced with his usual cheer, or dramatized like so much fiction can so easily do.

It has this wonderful characterization of Naruto--fucking genius. The fic manages to convey that he was dead last in his class, and he's not the brightest cookie, but he's still Naruto, for what that's worth. It throws in these wonderful, weighty thoughts and all of this stuff that doesn't seem like Naruto; it seems like what a normal, non-invincible person who was not a shounen hero would think about. But the author weaves Naruto in there, and manages to make all of it come from him.

This is on top of the flawless characterization of Jiraiya--which is just Jiraiya smiles, a wry tug of his lips and brows, before it's all ruined by the pervy leer he gets when his brothel-senses start tingling. Take note of several things here: first, "brothel-senses." Yes. Second, describing a regular, human expression fitting onto Jiraiya's face in the middle of a more serious fic, followed by Jiraiya and his pervy leer. It covers everything he is, as well as painting him as a writer. Being an aspiring writer, I didn't really see writer!Jiraiya up until this fic. I saw porn-writing!Jiraiya, and I saw Sannin!Jiraiya, but I didn't really see writer!Jiraiya. And, like everything else, this fic draws it into light. It pulls thoughts that should pass through the characters' minds, and shows us that they do.

TL;DR: If you liked Jiraiya, you'll like this. If you didn't, you will like him. If you like Naruto, you'll love this even more. If you don't, this is one of those things that will convert you.
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